Which rules regulate the use of the racking?

Marco CazzinIn depth Analysis, Laws and Racking

We inaugurate this post with a twice-monthly space dedicated to the rules which describe the correct use of metal industrial racking systems. We remain at your disposal for questions, clarifications and explanations.

Scaffalatura-Leggera-Donatello-EMAF025The rules which define the standards for the installation and use of metal industrial racking systems are contained in the document EN 15635:2008, elaborated by the European Committee for the internal Standardization of the technical table 344. The administrative office was assigned to Uni, Ente Nazionale di Normazione.

The rules, valdi for the countries of the European Union and for the EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland), were adopted in the national legislation of all the countries by May 2009. Other thanEN 15635, considered valid are the rules EN 15512 (relative to pallet racking), the EN 15620 (Tolerances, deformations and interspaces) and the EN 15629 (Static steel storage systems – Specifications for warehouse equipment).

The guidelines supplied by the rule EN 15635 refer to the pertinent operative aspects of structural safety of the storage systems, relative also to the use of heavy mechanical movement machines, to reduce the consequences of a not secure functioning or of damage to the structures to a minimum.

Next week we will study this in depth.