Racking maintenance

Normal service of racking maintenance

With respect to the laws UNI EN 15629 and 15635 which affirm:

toolbox1. The user has the responsibility to submit the racking, during its life cycle, to regular inspections to insure that any damage incurred is repaired and that every damaged component is substituted with identical new parts from the same producer. -App. A, lett. l) UNI EN 15629: 2009
2. The user should take into consideration that regular verifications of the structure of the racking must be done during its lifetime, including explanations about the levels of damage “green”, “yellow” and “red”, so as to guarantee that all damage that requires intervention is eliminated quickly by substituting the damaged component with an identical piece from the same producer. – par. 9.2, lett. p) UNI EN 15635:2009

Emaf guarantees the service of periodical verification inspections of the racking .

The inspection is made up of the following operations:

  1. Visual check of damage from impacts or other things on all the structural components: uprights, beams, cantilever columns, arms, drive-in uprights, drive-in guides, etc.)
  2. Random checks on the tightness of the bolts with a dynamometry wrench.
  3. Random checks on the tightness of the anchors with a dynamometry wrench.
  4. Verification of the presence of safety hooks on the beams, of pins on the cantilever arms, etc.
  5. Random check of the uprightness in the two directions CX and CZ of the pallet racking uprights, as per existing laws.
  6. Verification of the presence of carrying capacity signs.
  7. Verification of the presence of safety accessories (buffers, guard rails, pallet stoppers, fall arrest mesh, etc.

Following the inspection a manual with the referenced laws will be completed and sent. It will highlight any non-conformities found and indicate the interventions necessary for the restoration in safety of the structure. The manual must always be kept on hand for the security authorities (ASSL) with a retroactivity of three years.


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