EMAF Quality

The best for you and your business.

Whether you are a large,
already established company or a small company taking its first steps,
EMAF's industrial racking production will always try to offer you
the most suitable solution for your needs.

EMAF Safety

The maximum of safety and trustworthiness.

We safeguard your most precious possessions:
your work and your safety and that of your collaborators.

EMAF Assistance

EMAF works to make you grow.

Italian Production of industrial racking
to optimize the storage processes and the movement of merchandise.
Do not be satisfied with sufficiency.

Ask for the best.

With EMAF, racking is art.

EMAF products faithfully respect
all the Italian and European safety norms.
However, EMAF's production of industrial racking
does not limit itself to designing its products
so that they comply with the law:
it forces itself to reach
always-higher standards,
thanks to the use of the best raw material
and the most advanced fusion techniques.

The racking, the pallet racking,
the cantilever and the mezzanines that we install
are not only industrial furniture,
but also the promise of a great future.

For this, the rapport with EMAF's industrial racking production does not end with the sale, but is guaranteed with a system of assistance without commitment, in full respect of the law UNI EN 15629 and 15635 that remind of the necessity of the structures to undergo periodic inspections.

What we do, we do well. We are not satisfied with doing things halfway.

EMAF, racking for art.