Giotto pallet racking in Vicenza

Marco Cazzininstallations

In the heart of the Vicenza warehouse of Delta Plus, an icon in the workwear sector, stands the installation of 60 Giotto pallet racking uprights manufactured by Emaf Scaffalature Industriali Srl. This project, characterized by grandeur and precision, represents a significant step towards optimizing space and increasing operational efficiency.

The 60 uprights, imposing with their seven meters in height, create a solid and reliable structure, outlining a strategic space within Delta Plus’s warehouse. This project aims to meet the specific needs of Delta Plus, a global leader in the production of safety boots, with a solid presence in international markets.

The configuration of this installation includes 220 beams, each 2.7 meters long, forming a symphony of space and order. These beams, strategically distributed, allow for optimal space management and facilitate operational flow within the warehouse. The end result is a structure capable of accommodating 495 spaces for EPAL-type pallets.

The choice to use EPAL-type pallets reflects Delta Plus’s awareness of sustainable and standardized solutions. With the capacity to store up to 286 tons of material in height, this installation stands as a fundamental pillar in Delta Plus’s logistics chain.

The warehouse dedicated to Delta Plus’s final product now has a tailored solution designed to handle pallets with high stacking. Efficiency in storage and easy accessibility to products are key elements for Delta Plus, and the installation by Emaf Scaffalature Industriali Srl has been carefully designed to meet these needs.

Emaf Scaffalature Industriali Srl is not only synonymous with quality and structural solidity but also with a commitment to tailor-made solutions that meet the specific needs of prestigious clients like Delta Plus. Thanks to this installation, the combination of engineering precision and operational excellence comes together to create an optimized working environment, where organization and accessibility merge to support Delta Plus’s mission of delivering high-quality products worldwide.

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