The highest level of customization possible in a tailored Emaf cantilever in Treviso

Marco Cazzininstallations

For Emaf Industrial Shelves, customer needs take precedence. Recently, the company successfully completed the construction of a customized cantilever system for Metalco in Castelminio di Resana (TV), a renowned manufacturer of urban furniture.

The cantilever system was meticulously designed to ensure efficiency and safety in material storage. Comprising 13 double-sided columns and 13 single-sided columns, with a height of 5000 mm and a depth of 1200 mm, each column can support up to 4400 kg of load. Each column is equipped with five 1200 mm shelves, with a capacity of 750 kg each, for a total of 6 height support levels, including the base.

To ensure safety during storage, each level was equipped with cup holders and load restraints. The installation was carried out carefully by one of Emaf’s external installation teams, ensuring the solidity of the structures through the use of chemical anchors.

This collaboration with Metalco highlights Emaf’s commitment to providing customized solutions that meet specific customer storage needs. For further information on the customized storage solutions offered by Emaf Industrial Shelves, customers can directly contact Emaf.

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