What is a Cantilever?

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What is a Cantilever?

The Cantilever is a type of metal racking made of steel which is used to position very long loads which cannot be positioned on normal EPAL pallets.

Esempio di Cantilever esterno con tettoia

Example of Cantilever for outside with a roof

Who uses Cantilever?

The Cantilever is used by a great number of production companies. The Cantilever is useful for the carpenter and for furniture makers for the storage of wooden beams. It is used in the mechanical sector for the storage of steel and aluminum bars, in building for the storage of plastic tubes, by electricians and plumbers. Cantilever is also suitable for the storage of automobiles, big roles of paper and ceramic sheets.

What is the cantilever made up of??

A metal Cantilever racking is made up of a series of steel columns that rest on a base. The arms are fastened to the columns: their quantity depends on the needs of who will use it.

How large is a Cantilever?

A Cantilever can be from two to six meters high per column, with support bases that vary from 50 centimeters to two meters in length. Some metal Cantilever racking can be inside an electrician’s laboratory, while others are positioned outside and are supplied with roofs to protect the merchandise from the elements.

Carrello elevatore che movimenta tubi dalle mensole di un Cantilever

For lift that moves the tubes from the arms of a Cantilever

Are there orientation guides for the purchase of Cantilever?

It is very important to know the necessary dimensions for the racking and for the load that it will have to support.
It is best to have an expert guide you in the purchase.

How to calculate the load that the Cantilever will have to carry?

If a Cantilever must carry a load that is six meters long with a weight of nine thousand kgs. that rest on three arms, each arm must have a minimum carrying capacity of 300 kg. This capacity can never be surpassed without risking the stability of the Cantilever.

Is it better to buy a second-hand Cantilever?

Not always is the purchase of a second-hand Cantilever convenient. The second-hand metal racking that is available on the market fequently does not coincide with the real needs of the client: the modifications that must be done to adapt the Cantilever columns and arms to your own needs could cost more than the difference between a new and a second-hand Cantilever.

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