What do we need to design a racking?

Marco CazzinIn depth Analysis, Laws and Racking

Last time we saw which are the European normative that regulate the warehouse and racking sectors.
Today we ask ourselves how these same normative regulate the design of an installation of metal racking.

First of all, the client must communicate the following to the supplier who is preparing the design:

  • The specifications of the locale in which the racking will be installed.
  • What the pavement that will be the foundation for the metal racking and for the fork lifts that move the merchandise are made up of.
  • Which merchandise will be stored on the levels of the racking and which type of pallets will be used.
  • What the admissible carrying capacities will be.
  • What type of fork lift or movement instruments will be used.
  • Eventual previsions of future changes in the warehouse.

In addition, we must determine if there is sufficient space to deposit and remove the material in safety and to respect the protection requirements against collisions.