Used pallet rack with 265 seats installed in Martellago (VE)

Marco Cazzininstallations

Work in progress in recent days at the Novarex customer in Martellago VE, a well-known manufacturer of adhesive labels.

Through the team of assembly professionals used by EMAF, the company’s warehouse is equipped with a conspicuous set of second hand pallet racks for the storage of rolls on EPAL type pallets: it is a system made up of 33 4000 x 1000 high shoulders. mm, 134 beams between 2600 mm and 1800 mm, all capable of supporting pallets weighing 1000 kg.

The system is completed by the presence of safety accessories such as wrapping bumpers on the uprights and guardrail bumpers for the sides.

The shelving has been divided into five positions of different lengths, two of which are double-faced. The total number of EPAL pallets that can be hosted is 265.

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