Two mezzanines (with light-weight racking) in Verona: spaces multiplied while respecting the anti-seismic laws

Marco Cazzininstallations

New year, new installation for Emaf Scaffalature Industriali. In Verona, for a rapidly expanding company in the gasket field, two industrial metal Palladio mezzanines were installed a few days ago.

The first smaller one is near the entrance, in the area usually visited by clients, suppliers and shippers.  The mezzanines hosts a small office for client contact on the lower level, with a height of about 2 meters 70 centimeters.  The upper level will host the archive with the accounting documents.  One can access this level with a stairway that is one meter and 20 centimeters wide.

The second mezzanine, instead, is found in the heart of the warehouse and is supplied, on both levels, with a light-weight metal Donatello racking, destined for the storage of small material. The mezzanine has a carrying capacity of 500 kg. per square meter uniformly distributed, with a beam deflection equal to 1/300.

Both mezzanines were sanded and painted with the colors indicated by the client, in conformity with the company’s logo. Maximum attention was applied to the safety normatives: Emaf’s entire racking are in conformity with the indications for the anti-seismic dimensioning based on the 2008 technical normatives for constructions and the more recent modifications to these laws.