Transferring and updating a pallet racking: our intervention in Padua

Marco Cazzininstallations

Do you need to completely change the layout of your pallet racking, or to move it from one warehouse to another?

In two days we disassembled and reassembled twenty-seven 5500 x 1000 mm high sides and 140 2700 mm high beams, providing our customer Lumogroup, a specialist in the design and manufacture of LED luminaires, with the necessary material to integrate its existing shelving.

Moreover, given the occasion, why not also equip yourself with a brand new cantilever like our Mantegna model with 4 columns H 5500 x 1400 mm, with 4 load levels plus basic, each with a capacity of 2000 Kg?

The storage of long elements such as pipes or sheets will no longer be a problem!

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Are you interested in a cantilever rack?

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