Second hand pallet rack installed in San Martino di Venezze (RO)

Marco Cazzininstallations

Installation of a second hand metal pallet racking carried out by Emaf at the Moda Italiana company in San Martino di Venezze (RO).

The first part of the pallet rack is made up of 4 + 4 double-faced spans placed close to a wall, in order to exploit above all its depth. This part is 4500 mm high by one thousand mm, with the load distributed between two levels plus ground of 2700 mm, for a total of 72 pallet places with a maximum weight of 600 kg each.

The second part of second hand the pallet rack is instead composed of two single-sided spans of the same shelving, for a total of 18 pallet places.

The first level is equipped with shelves to create a continuous top, convenient for particularly bulky loads and for manual picking.

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