Safety rules for the use of metal racking

Marco CazzinIn depth Analysis, Laws and Racking

Emaf’s industrial racking installations guarantee safety and trustworthiness.

But, as the European rules remind us, a good part of this safety is guaranteed by the correct use, which does not but the health of those who work with them every day at risk.

The safety director

To consolidate the general safety of the metal racking, the first thing a company must do is nominate a person as safey director of the storage portapallet-industriale-giotto011equipment “PRSES”. This position, reserved for special experts or people with training in the safety field, must be known to all the workers. His function is to supervise all the warehouse activities, evaluate the risks and adopt all the precautions – especially with education and signs – so that nobody is exposed to danger.

Carrying capacity signs: easily seen and in a comprehensible language

The rules EN 15635, EN 15512, EN 15620 and EN 15629 also remind of the obligation to safely hang the carrying capacity signs in places that are easily visible. The signs must be durable and written in the national language. If necessary, – for example, in the presence of workers with little knowledge of the national language –the signs must also be translated in other languages, with the objective that everyone understands them.

Climbing is forbidden

Other things recommended by the rules regard the obligation of who uses the moving equipment, like fork lifts, to receive the correct training and to have obtained the necessary licenses, but also remember the obligation to use access equipment that makes it safe to reach the higher levels of storage. Obviously, it is forbidden to climb on the racking.