Safety of the racking: the user’s responsibilities

Marco CazzinIn depth Analysis, Laws and Racking

Work is important and valuable. Even more important and valuable is your health and that of your collaborators. For this, it is fundamental to reason in terms of safety for the racking and production facilities.

barriere-protezione-Emaf-6Based on the European rules, it is fundamental to respect the indications supplied by the producer of the racking and of the storage installations , nominate a safety director, carry out the inspections and periodical maintenance intervening as quickly as possible to contain damage that has occurred.

Who uses the racking is responsible for the safety of personnel . He must supervise the correct use, avoiding dangerous situations caused by the weight, frequently considerable, of the loads.

Among the many indications that come from the normative, it is necessary to remember that the user of the racking must:

  • Respect the national and local
  • Use trained personnel and never improvise.
  • Guarantee that the locales are suitable to the specifications of the racking, even with regards to illumination, heating, seismic safety, resistance to wind and snow.
  • Not surpass the weight indicated for the carrying capacity of the racking.
  • Suitability of the storage equipment, both in its structure and its assembly, which must be done following the instructions given by the supplier.
  • Keep the area clean in which there is movement of people and machinery.
  • Use protection systems in exposed areas, like the struts.

In the case of damage that is identified during periodical inspections, guarantee the immediate substitution of the damaged pieces with identical new pieces, supplied by the same producer. Any damage can reduce, even significantly, the safety and even the carrying capacity of the racking.