Racking and safety: five prerequisites to verify before beginning work.

Marco CazzinIn depth Analysis, Laws and Racking

To be able to use, without risks, any kind of racking installation, the European normative invite us to verify five fundamental prerequisites.

Scaffalatura-Leggera-Donatello0011 – Verify that the installation is in conformation.

The storage equipment must respect the specifics declared by the producer: it is also necessary to diligently comply with the assembly instructions, without leaving space for improvisation.

2 – The pavement must be solid.

The pavement on which the racking will rest must respond to the resistance, rigidity and regularity prerequisites necessary for the installation.

3 – An always visible sign.

The supplier of the material must always supply a sign that includes the load and carrying capacity information of the installation. This sign must always be in open view.

4 – Establish a procedure of use.

The procedure of use of the racking installation must guarantee that the carrying capacities are not surpassed and that the material stocked be of the correct size. It is important to respect the indications given by the supplier with diligence, paying special attention to the safey instructions.

5 – Attention to the fork lift.

The fork lift must always be chosen so that it is compatible with the racking structure. One must always pay attention to the range of movement, making sure that it is comptabile with the width of the corridor in front of the racking.