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Shelving for picking – custom-made TIZIANO model

The Tiziano model racking with shelves is a modular racking ideal for the realization of installations with continuous loading levels with medium-high carrying capacities and for the realization of automatic storage installations . The Tiziano model metal shelving guarantees robustness and stability eve in the realization of complex installations with high carrying capacities.
The Tiziano model shelves of the metal racking have a carrying capacity up to 1000 Kg/m2 c.u.d. (uniformly distributed load) and a beam length up to 2400 mm.

The TIZIANO model inter-locking metal racking can be personalized based on the needs of your warehouse.


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The Tiziano model racking for picking  is a modular racking, made up of the vertical element “UPRIGHT” made up of two profiles “struts” with opposing positions that are connected with an opportune bracing system made up of round tubular profiles that are pressed and punched at the two extremities so they can be bolted to the struts.