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Custom-made GIOTTO pallet racking – Metal industrial pallet racking

The Giotto model pallet racking is a racking studied for the storage of heavy pallets. It offers a guarantee of maximum carrying capacity thanks to the hooking of two main carrying elements: the modular strut and the beams with self-blocking brackets without the use of bolts.

The Giotto model pallet racking is also ideal for all the operations of manual movement (picking) and of the storage of other load units (boxes, cages, containers, etc..), because among the many accessories available some are expressly studied for the realization of shelves.

The Giotto model inter-locking metal racking can be personalized based on the needs of your warehouse.


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I The Giotto model racking is pallet racking made up of a vertical element “UPRIGHT” made up of two profiles called struts with opposing positions that are connected with an opportune bracing system made up of round tubular profiles that are pressed and punched at the two extremities so they can be bolted to the struts.
The Giotto model metal shelving strut is made with steel tape shaped in an open figure with special technical precautions that guarantee its robustness.
This strut has a punch step of 25 mm, to allow for the optimal use of space for its positioning. Plates are bolted to the base of the Giotto model Metal Racking. These are to be anchored to the pavement.