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PALLADIO ES200 model ten square meter INDUSTRIAL MEZZANINE


Product specifications
Brand Emaf
Model Palladio
Length 4 meters
Width 2,5 meters
Height 2,3 meters
Carrying capacity 200 kg/mq
Normatives NTC 2008
Delivery guaranteed within 30 days from the date of order – evaluation and measurement survey are free.
Maximum adaptability and carrying capacities, to improve your space!
The Palladio model inter-locking metal racking can be personalized based on the needs of your warehouse.


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The Palladio model metal industrial mezzanine  is made with modular beams, available in various dimensions to cover all carrying capacity needs (from 250 to 1.500Kg/m2 c.u.d.) and a bracing of the struts, with an inter-axis between the pillars that reaches up to 8.000mm.

In the  Palladio model industrial mezzanines there are also transverse and longitudinal IPE type beams, that allow the structure to be completely dismantled making it very versatile.