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MANTEGNA model Cantilever with tree levels, new, not picked-up, ready for delivery


New cantilever, not picked up, ready for delivery!

Specifiche prodotto
Brand Emaf
Model Mantegna
Columns n° 4 single-sided
Column height 5 metri
Arms n° 12
Arm length 1200 mm
Arm carrying capacity 1000 kg/cud
The Mantegna model inter-locking metal racking can be personalized based on the needs of your warehouse.


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The Mantegna model cantilever is a metal industrial racking made up of the vertical element “COLUMN” made of two shaped profiles, step punched and opposing.

In the Mantegna cantilever “C” shaped profiles of the same length of the arms are bolted to the column. Holes have been made on these profiles to fasten the bases to the columns, with a “U” profile to fasten the structure to the ground.