Precautions (not even that obvious) to avoid that damage to the racking is repeated

Marco CazzinIn depth Analysis

Damage to the racking should not happen.  In theory.  In practice, even the European laws that regulate this sector – requiring the suppliers, installers and assemblers to follow a series of rigid rules of self-control to guarantee safety and trustworthiness – confirm how eventual damage, caused for the most part by collisions with the movement machines, are to be taken into account during the life of the racking in our warehouse.

After the first accident, however, it is possible to adopt some specific precautions in the interested area of the warehouse to avoid that these accidents are repeated.  They are obvious precautions that, applied with expertise, can really avoid further problems to the racking, the material and the personnel.

The precautions are:

  • Be sure that the installation of the racking completely respects the original project;
  • Guarantee a correct management of the process of movementof the material;
  • Make sure the racking is cleaned well and constantly;
  • Supply adequate training to the workers in the warehouse;
  • Check and update the presence and adequate visibility of all signsin the corridors;
  • Foreseen the installation of safety featuressuitable for the type of racking used.

As always, a constant inspection is necessary: not always, in fact, does one immediately notice dents, scrapes or problems with the racking. Vigilance and the care of one’s storage installation allow it to have an extended duration.