New Cantilever Mantegna EMAF shelving in Padua

Marco Cazzininstallations

Cantilever monofronte

New quality EMAF installation in Padua at the Veneta Inox.

The installed Mantegna EMAF Cantilevers are a system consisting of three groups of three columns each which will be used to store 300 x 150 cm packs and a further two groups of three columns for packs measuring 125 x 250 cm and 100 x 200 cm.

All structures, 3500mm high, have four levels each. Each Cantilever arm has a capacity of 1100 kg / cud.

To accurately size the two structures, the bracings are 800 and 1000 mm.

Thanks to the versatility of EMAF shelving, due to the possibility of producing customized elements, we are able to meet the different needs of our customers in the best way.

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