Modifications to the structure? What you need to know about safety

Marco Cazzininstallations

Metal racking and safety: what to do if changes are made

Just like your company, even your warehouse can change quickly, modifications to the production line or to the arrival and departure modes of the material can require repositioning, even radical, of the layout of the metal racking and of the load units, or even simply their use for purposes only slightly different for those that they were installed.

Attention however: it is not enough to disassemble and reassemble correctly the equipment to conform with the safety laws, but it is necessary to do a complete safety revision of the storage operations.

When to do the safety revision of the racking

The laws already foresee at least one annual inspection for the installations but, in the case of modifications, an annual risk analysis using the annual archive reports to confront the historic situation of the installation is required.

Many modifications require this safety revision. Among them we include:

  • Modifications to the fork lift;
  • Modifications to the type of movement of the load unit or the type of pallet used;
  • Modification of the type of merchandise used;
  • Substantial modification of the weight and dimensions of the load unit;
  • Introdution of protruding loads;
  • Substitution of personnel;
  • Increase of damage to the structure.