Modifications to the racking? Here is what the rules say…

Marco CazzinIn depth Analysis, Laws and Racking

Have you already purchased and assembled (or had assembled) a metal industrial racking and you need to make some modifications?

Attention: even here the European rules invite us to respect the safety norms. When changes are made to the racking – light-weight, industrial, picking, pallet racking, cantilever or industrial mezzanines – the safe carrying capacities could change. In any case, before any intervention, it is necessary to consult the supplier or an expert, who will give us their detailed instructions.

It is always obligatory to:

  • Unload the racking completely before any modification.
  • Do not resort to welds or bolts between the racking, unless the supplier of the equipment indicates it specifically.
  • Update the carrying capacity safety signs if the carrying capacity has changed or if the conferment methods of the merchandise have changed.
  • Update the position of the structural nodes at the bracing based on the position of the installation beams, if there is a posterior bracing.