Metal shelving: quality, safety and reliability. How to recognize them?

Marco CazzinIn depth Analysis, Laws and in depth analysis

Quality of metal shelves The quality of the metal shelves is determined first of all by the materials, then by the type of steel. In the market there are different types of steel, with different qualities and different physical and chemical characteristics.

The steel purchased for the metal shelving is always of medium or high quality. If the metal shelving systems must be in areas with a strong seismic risk and therefore be highly seismic-resistant, the steel chosen must be of the highest quality.

In addition to the raw material, the quality of the metal shelving is determined by the design of its components, that is, how the profiles are studied, how the beams are cut, the study of the actual profile of the shelving, the type of attachment of the beams on the uprights, the attachment on the shelves on the Cantilever and then all the processes such as profiling and welding.

This type of processing – in our case and our suppliers – are performed by robots in standard cases to limit human error as much as possible. However, human workmanship is not completely eliminated, but remains for personalized elements and for a more general guarantee.

Metal shelving safety

To guarantee extreme safety to the metal shelves, we rely on a technical study with the presence of an engineer. It is therefore necessary to identify which is the most suitable shelving for a certain type of load and capacity: this verification is carried out with specific load tests, putting the shelving under stress (pallet rack, cantilever or mezzanine) and calculating which are the most breaking points probable (in the case of pallet racks, for example, it can be the welding of the connector on the current).

Knowing what the breaking points of a metal shelving can be allows us to know its capacity. To ensure even more safety, the manufacturer does not declare the breaking point as the maximum load capacity, but as a precaution it decreases it further, thus keeping a certain margin of tolerance, a margin that must be scrupulously respected.

Reliability of metal shelves

What does reliability mean for metal shelving? Reliability is the set of product quality and safety, but also the reliability of the manufacturer or retailer, that is, the organization – like ours – that offers that type of shelving. The reliability of a company must be sought in its experience of years and years on the market, by a consolidated clientele and by a general recognition.

In addition to this reliability, consisting of the “informal” reputation on the market, there is a reliability recognized by precise rules: all products in fact have a guarantee which is absolutely a guarantee of law. This guarantee is recognized both for new metal shelves and for used metal shelves. Reliability is not limited to the sales phase, but is particularly important for after-sales maintenance and periodic inspection services according to regulations.