Metal racks: what is the most important stage of assembly? The secrets of floor fixing

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L’installazione di un impianto di scaffalatura metallica industriale è un momento cruciale: un’installazione eseguita a regola d’arte garantirà la durata e la funzionalità dell’intero impianto, mentre un’installazione approssimativa e frettolosa potrà esporre a gravi rischi sia la scaffalatura che le persone che vi opereranno tutti i giorni.

If all the steps of the assembly phase are the same crucial, there is one whose correct execution depends on all the others: floor fixing.

Floor fixing is essential for all the shelving, as it prevents, during use, the movements of the uprights that compose it. Correct fixing to the floor – and not to the wall, as we saw last time – ensures safety during the pick-up and positioning phases of the Epal pallets.

How do installers choose the type of floor fixing?

For the fixing to be correct it is necessary to use the right quantities and types of anchors and the right anchors according to the thickness of the shelving purchased by the customer. Who decides it? It is the supplier of the shelving that specifies it from time to time, giving installers the right tools to perform a work of art. Never trust, therefore, beginners, even and especially when installing second hand metal shelving.

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