Is the used metal shelving really worth it?

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Many on the web have asked this question: is the second-hand metal shelving really convenient?

The answer is yes: in the right conditions, and relying on expert realities like us at Emaf, the second-hand metal shelving really pays off, as in the same product the reliability of the new metal shelving meets with the convenience – and the lower prices – of shelving used industrial metal.

It is important immediately to make things clear: when a company like ours chooses to put one on the market second-hand metal shelving, it means that this is to be considered completely intact and suitable for use.

The used metal shelving that we resell is shelving that could have continued to perform its function in the first installation warehouses: the used metal shelving that we acquire, in fact, comes from companies that have ceased or reorganized their business and therefore choose to sell a shelving still in use, perfectly intact, checked and subject to periodic maintenance.

The old or damaged metal shelving instead ends up directly at the railway, so that at least the raw material – steel – can be safely recycled.

Second hand metal shelving: is it convenient for my company?

Usually we are the ones to evaluate from time to time, together with the customer, if a used metal shelving is the right answer to the needs of the company. The purchase of used metal shelving is normally not recommended for larger companies, where there are internal certified processes, where the goods are often handled by forklifts and operators at all hours of the day.

When is second-hand metal shelving recommended? When is it particularly useful?

The second-hand metal shelving is instead the most convenient choice for medium-small companies, where the warehouse is subject to a much less frenetic movement, with reduced flows in and out. The second-hand metal shelving is an excellent choice for small artisans equipped with a single forklift, who have to place a few dozen pallets per week, or for companies on the launch pad, who want to cut costs at the start.

Second-hand EMAF metal shelving: can I trust it?

Before delivering a second-hand metal shelving, Emaf checks in detail that there are no damages. To increase the customer’s safety margins, downgraded flow values of at least 10-15% with respect to the initial shelving value are ensured.

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