Installation of a Pallet Rack by Emaf Scaffalature Industriali Srl at Adicomp Srl

Marco Cazzininstallations

Emaf Scaffalature Industriali Srl has recently completed a significant installation at Adicomp Srl in Isola Vicentina. This involves a pallet rack from the EM100 Giotto series with impressive dimensions and specifications tailored to meet the storage needs of Adicomp.

Installation Details: The installed pallet rack boasts impressive dimensions of 6000 x 1000 mm, with 4 levels plus ground level at an overall height of 2700 mm. This configuration provides a storage capacity of 60 EPAL pallets, making the storage area extremely efficient and optimized to maximize available space.

Location: The installation took place at Adicomp Srl, a company based in Isola Vicentina. Adicomp’s choice of Emaf Scaffalature Industriali Srl reflects confidence in Emaf’s experience and service quality in the industrial storage solutions sector.

Anti-Impact Frontal Protections: One of the distinctive elements of this installation is the anti-impact frontal protections. These barriers consist of yellow wrap-around bumper guards strategically positioned at the base of the uprights. In addition to providing a visually appealing touch, these protections play a crucial role in preventing impacts and enhancing safety in the storage area.  

The anti-impact frontal protections not only shield the storage system from potential damage caused by accidental collisions but also contribute to preserving the structural integrity of the pallet rack over time. Emaf’s decision to integrate such devices demonstrates attention to detail and a commitment to ensuring durable and secure storage solutions.

Conclusions: The installation of the EM100 Giotto pallet rack at Adicomp Srl highlights Emaf Scaffalature Industriali Srl’s ability to provide customized and high-quality solutions for the specific needs of its clients. The combination of imposing dimensions, substantial storage capacity, and safety features such as the anti-impact frontal protections makes this installation an example of excellence in the field of industrial shelving.

The success of this collaboration underscores the reputation of Emaf Scaffalature Industriali Srl as a reliable partner for companies seeking intelligent and robust solutions to optimize their storage space.