In San Giuliano Milanese (MI) Palladio industrial mezzanine and Palladio light shelving

Marco Cazzininstallations

Palladio industrial mezzanine supplied and assembled in recent days by Emaf in San Giuliano Milanese (MI) at the Otolift company, historic manufacturer of stairlifts in its 15,000 square meter factory.

The mezzanine offers 44 square meters (11 meters by four) of additional space for the storage of materials at a height of 3 meters and 20 cm, with a capacity of 300 kg per square meter and anti-seismic design, flooring in corrugated sheet and panel MDF, double staircase, parapet and gate.

Even below, the mezzanine makes the most of the storage space, thanks to the light shelving EM35 mod. Donatello. The base module (span) is 2.5 meters high, 50 cm deep and one meter long. In all, Emaf has created 40 spans of 4 levels divided into 10 rows, mostly double-faced, for a total of 160 shelves with a capacity of 150 kg per shelf.

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