Huge supply of Emaf Cantilevers in Alessandria

Marco Cazzininstallations

In the first half of April, EMAF completed an impressive supply and installation of Mantegna model cantilever structures for the customer Re-All of Solero, in the Province of Alessandria, a leader in aluminum processing and specialized in particular in the bodies of industrial vehicles.

A first lot, the largest, concerned the cantilevers for the aluminum bars: 99 double-sided columns 5,000 mm high with 1188 950 mm shelves for six levels on both fronts of the structures; each shelf has a capacity of twelve quintals.

A second area of the warehouse was instead equipped with cantilevers for sheet metal: 14 single-sided columns 5,000 mm high configured with four load levels by means of 56 2500 mm shelves which, despite their length, can each carry a good 1500 kg thanks to the IPE profile used to ensure the high flow required by the customer.

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