How to “update” a shelving: the case of a Tiziano picking shelving

Marco Cazzininstallations

Time passes and needs change… What happens when it becomes necessary to review the arrangement of your shelving? Here is the intervention carried out by EMAF on the EM50 shelving for picking model Tiziano already present at the headquarters of our client Task in Noventa Padovana (PD), supplier of products and services for industrial automation.

In two days, the structure of the shelving modules 2500 high and 600 mm deep was revised, with spans 1400 or 1600 mm long and up to eight storage levels.

On this occasion, a three-level + ground pallet rack was also moved, and four more were inserted (in pairs, its two walls facing each other), using used high quality pallet racks 5000 by 1000 millimeters, always with three levels of 2700 mm + soil, suitable for pallets with a maximum capacity of 600 kilograms.

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