How to move a load unit: what the laws say

Marco CazzinIn depth Analysis, Laws and Racking


The racking world is a dynamic world. Rarely does merchandise stay in its place more than a couple of days: each warehouse is in continuous movement with products that are arriving, others that are leaving and machines that are moving. It is in the movement of the merchandise where the highest risks for the incorrect use of the racking installations can manifest themselves: for this, European law requires producers and users to respect some laws of common sense.

  • The merchandise must be positioned so that it can be stable.
  • The different load units must respect the safety distance among them.

Portapallet-industriale-Giotto019In addition, when the units are moved, it is opportune to assure oneself that:

  • The correct type of equipment for the movement be used , verifying that they are able to transport the specified loads.
  • If, during transport, the merchandise or the movement equipment is damaged, the PRSES personnel must be notified immediately.
  • The wooden pallets must be positioned so that they cover the distance between the beams and must be supported under the blocks to prevent collapse and breakage.
  • In the case that the pallets are stored on the floor, it is necessary to verify that they do not stick out into the corridor, not even with the edge, where people walk and equipment moves.