The obligations of the industrial racking supplier

Marco CazzinIn depth Analysis

Up until now, on this website, we have discussed the controls and the compliances that the user and the owner of industrial metal racking installations is required to respect.

There are many obligations that the supplier is required to observe to guarantee his client’s maximum safety. It is important, therefore, that the final user knows what the European laws guarantee.

The supplier is require to:

  • Supply the carrying capacity signs;
  • Specify any eventual technical limitation of the system, always in the condition of functionality and safety;
  • To specify the imposed loads of the racking and of the load on the warehouse pavement;
  • To supply the document that indicates the details of the dimensions and the correct positions of the racking;
  • To identify any eventual protective equipment for the racking and the most suitable movement means;
  • To foresee – if requested explicitly – the installation and the preparation for use of the racking by a team of specialized personnel;
  • To supply technical suggestions, especially with reference to a change of use;
  • To make replacement pieces available;
  • To supply the client with all the information relative to the safe use of the installations.