Giotto model pallet racking installed in Vicenza

Marco Cazzininstallations

With the summer EMAF does not stop. New work carried out at our historic customer Adicomp, a company operating in the field of production and treatment of compressed air and gas, in Isola Vicentina, (VI).

On this occasion, a structure consisting of a double row of EM100 pallet racking model Giotto was supplied and installed, so that the depth is suitable for EPAL type pallets (1200 mm) weighing 2100 kg each: the pallets in fact rest on a double row of currents.

The overall structure, made up of two 50 cm deep racks each, is 6 meters high, has 4 spans and 3 levels + ground (an additional level, already installed, will be used for the roof), for a total of 48 pallet places.

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