Emaf scaffalature industriali creates an earthquake-resistant pallet rack structure in Verona

Marco Cazzininstallations

In the Mozzecane, Verona headquarters, Manni Sipre, a leader in the field of pre-fabricated steel elements, recently entrusted Emaf Scaffalature Industriali with the construction of a seismic-resistant EM100 Giotto pallet racking system, designed to meet the specific requirements of seismic zone 3.

Technical Features and Design

The installation features a robust and functional structure, with three load levels nestling at a height of almost 3 meters, providing over 500 pallet spaces. The structure, extending over 90 linear meters, is designed to accommodate EPAL-type pallets, ensuring approximately 510 spaces.

The top of the structure is equipped with corrugated sheet metal roofing to protect stored materials from atmospheric agents. Each shelf is equipped with the beam system, consisting of two break-in-depth and one break-in-length, ensuring a secure and organized arrangement of materials. Rear parapets on each shelf contribute to preserving the integrity of the load.

Installation Details and Structural Safety

To ensure a secure and resilient installation, the client prepared a dedicated foundation. The structure was fastened using base plates designed for seismic resistance, 16-centimeter threaded bars, and chemical cartridges, ensuring optimal stability.

Functionality and Customer Utility

The use of the seismic-resistant pallet racking is crucial for Manni Sipre, allowing efficient and secure storage of working materials. This solution prevents materials from accumulating on the floor, reducing clutter, and mitigating the risk of damage or corrosion.

Another Successful Collaboration

The installation of the seismic-resistant pallet racking system at Manni Sipre underscores Emaf Scaffalature Industriali’s ability to provide customized and technically advanced solutions to meet specific customer needs. The collaboration between the two companies promises to optimize storage spaces and improve Manni Sipre’s operational efficiency in the long term.

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