EMAF pallet racking tested in the cold

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In Santorso, Vicenza, a municipality located in a seismic zone of level 2, Emaf Industrial Shelving has recently completed the installation of an industrial metal shelving system at Green Food. This initiative involved the implementation of innovative solutions, including earthquake-resistant pallet racks and models suitable for the specific needs of an environment with extremely low temperatures.

The Emaf Industrial Shelving team faced the challenge of providing a robust and secure solution, considering the seismic sensitivity of the area. To ensure optimal resistance, earthquake-resistant pallet racks were used in the region, a crucial aspect given the geographical location. The decision was influenced by the need to comply with the seismic regulations of zone 2.

A key point in the installation was the use of the Giotto EM100 model for Green Food’s refrigerated cells. Since the client had specific installation requirements for environments at -20 degrees, the Giotto EM100 pallet rack designed for cells was entirely made of galvanized material. This decision not only ensures greater durability and resistance to low temperatures but also complies with hygiene and food safety regulations.

The technical details of the installation include 38 uprights with dimensions of H 3600 x 1000 mm and 120 beams of 2700 mm, with a capacity of 1500 kg per pair. The final result was the creation of 270 EPAL positions, effectively meeting Green Food’s storage needs for their food products.

For the warehouse, Emaf Industrial Shelving opted for the classic Giotto EM100 pallet rack, with galvanized uprights and beams painted in Yellow RAL 1003. This choice not only provided a practical and functional solution but also added a touch of industrial aesthetics to the environment. With 33 uprights of H 4000 x 1000 mm and 112 beams of 2700 mm, also with a capacity of 1500 kg per pair, 252 pallet positions were created.

All uprights, regardless of the model, were manufactured with a thickness of 25/10 and use the new earthquake-resistant base plate. This plate is secured with threaded bars and chemical cartridges, ensuring superior stability and compliance with local seismic regulations.

The client, Green Food, a leader in the Eastern sector of the food products industry, was able to meet specific storage needs in environments with extremely low temperatures and in areas designated for finished product warehousing with height and bulky pallet restrictions.

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