Emaf light and pallet racking installed in Rovigo

Marco Cazzininstallations


E.M.100 Giotto pallet racking and E.M.36 Donatello interlocking shelving for the client Elettromeccanica Veneta srl of Rovigo, specialists in technological systems, electromechanical construction and automation.

The E.M. 100 pallet racking with Yellow RAL 1003 beams is a 4000 mm high linear structure made up of 3 spans of 2700 mm with 4 levels + ground, each with a capacity of 1900 Kg per pair of beams, for the storage of 45 EPAL pallets of max 600 Kg each Each level is equipped with shelves.

The E.M.36 interlocking shelving is articulated on 3 rows of eight spans 1000 mm long and 600 mm deep, and has 5 levels each with a capacity of 100 kg.

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