What is a pallet racking?

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What is a pallet racking?

A palle racking is a type of shelving that permits the movement of merchandise stored on pallets.

Who uses pallet racking?

Everyone uses pallet racking. Whoever deals with, for purchases or sales, pallets, needs to store them on a racking suitable for that purpose. From the small artisanal company to a big industrial company, the pallet racking is always the correct answer.


What are the dimensions of a pallet racking?

Before asking yourself what the dimensions of a pallet racking are, you need to ask yourself the size of the pallets that it will have to support. The common pallets at the European level – EPAL – have a standard base of 800 x 1200 millimeters, while the height can vary based on the material stocked on them. The pallet racking is also able to store different size pallets, for example 1000 x 1200 millimeters or 1200 x 1200 millimeters. This is a necessity felt mostly by those companies that work outside of the European Union like China or Latin America. After all, the exploitation of the pallet racking was seen towards the end of the 1960’s, when the movement of merchandise began to have standard measurements to facilitate the loading of containers that travelled by sea or of other transport means .


How to buy pallet racking?

It is very important to know the dimensions required for the racking and for the load that it must carry. It is preferable to be guided in the purchase by an expert so as to avoid mistakes of approximation.

What is the future of storage systems like the pallet racking?

Giant steps are continually being made in the field of automation, with systems that move without an operator such as with stacker cranes, also for the movement it will be more frequent that robot will run the storage, but the basis of the pallet racking for storage always remains the same!


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