Carrying capacity signs: what characteristics must they have?

Marco CazzinIn depth Analysis, Laws and Racking

The European law is very clear. Each industrial metal racking installation, from cantilever to mezzanines, from drive-in racking to shelving, must be supplied with a colored carrying capacity sign that is easily seen.  This sign must contain the information relative to its use, beginning with the weight limits.

The supplier of the racking must provide the carrying capacity sign.  The client, then, must make sure, even in collaboration with the producer, that all the personnel is correctly informed of how to read the data included on the and, therefore, know its correct and safe use and especially the carrying capacity limits indicated on the sign.

Colors and symbols are not casual, but are chosen in conformity with the directive of the European Council 92/58/CEE. It is fundamental that the carrying capacity signs be hung in highly visible spots on the racking or very near them.