Cantilever Emaf model Mantegna in Missaglia, Lecco

Marco Cazzininstallations

New Emaf quality installation in Missaglia, in the Province of Lecco, at the Manifattura Catene Viganò.

The installation of a Mantegna model Cantilever shelving system for sheet metal storage was completed in recent days. In total, 57 columns were installed, in groups of three columns and multiples, 5200 x 1500 mm high, with a capacity of 6400 kg. There are a total of 342 1500 mm load shelves with a capacity of 1000kg, arranged in six levels plus ground, all previously drilled for the subsequent possible insertion of a stopper.

The customer, Manifattura Catene Viganò, designs and manufactures conveyor chains, transmission chains, printed links, gears and components.

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