Can I install the industrial mechanical shelves I buy or the supplier must do it?

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This is one of the questions we are asked most often during the purchase phase: can EMAF metal industrial shelving be assembled directly by the customer or should it be entrusted to expert assemblers indicated by us?

A legitimate question, which however does not have a single answer. Or rather, it has it: it all depends on the type of industrial shelving and its dimensions.

For example, we always advise customers of industrial metal mezzanines to turn to our teams of professional fitters, since the frame of a mezzanine is more delicate than other shelving and must take into account numerous parameters. It is always better if a mounting of this size does not fall under the responsibility of the customers.

The same advice can be given in the case of shelving of certain dimensions, for example pallet racks and cantilevers over three meters high.

Other shelves, instead, such as for example the small-sized pallet racks, can serenely be installed by the customer, as long as the indications we provide at the time of purchase are taken into account, always released during the delivery of the material.

In short, yes: customers can also install the shelves they buy, but it is strongly recommended to rely on teams of professional fitters in case of industrial mezzanines and large metal shelves.

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