An Emaf Pallet Racing in Mirabilandia (RA)

Marco Cazzininstallations

The install ion of an industrial pallet racking was concluded in the past few days at the amusement park Mirabilandia, in Savio, in the municipality of Ravenna.

The racking which makes up the warehouse, delivered and assembled in only fifteen days from the date of order, is Giotto Pallet Racking, with 4000 mm. shoulders with a depth of 1000 mm. able to stock 100 Epal pallets. The beams are 2700 mm. long and have a carrying capacity per level of 3000 kg. The structure is supplied with safety pieces that protect the merchandise and the racking from eventual damage caused by the movement of the fork lift.

The warehouses will provide the storage space for the food products for the restaurants and bars inside the park.