69/5000 Cantilever Mantegna EMAF installed in an aeronautical company of Rome

Marco Cazzininstallations

A Mantegna quality Emaf cantilever was installed in recent days in Guidonia Montecelio, province of Rome, 22 kilometers from the capital.

The client company is Med Technology, a company that operates in the aeronautical, railway, space and military sectors as representatives and distributors of high technology products.

The Cantilever Mantegna industrial shelving, which will host military aeronautical material, is 3000 mm high and 1400 mm deep, with four load levels in addition to the base. Each arm has a capacity of 300 kg. The braces that connect the columns between them, which in all are six, measure 2000 mm.

Emaf has completely dealt with the supply, transport and on-site assembly.

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