What is a mezzanine?

Marco CazzinIn depth Analysis

Un soppalco industriale Palladio capace di raddoppiare gli spazi a disposizione

A Palladio industrial mezzanine able to double the available space

What is a mezzanine?

A mezzanine is a self-supporting structure whose purpose is to increase space in buildings with medium-high ceilings doubling the usable surface. Mezzanines are also used in residential buildings but it is in the warehouse and industrial fields where their use is most common. Through their use, a commercial or productive activity can expand in height without having to move to bigger warehouses.

Who specifically used the industrial mezzanines?

Each activity can make use of this type of metal industrial racking. There are no limits: from the small artisan to the big industries, both in the production and commercial fields.

We have sold mezzanines to a company who stores work clothes, just as we have sold them to a company that works in the oil-hydraulic business and produces tubes. We have made custom-designed mezzanines for companies who make welding machines and others that work in textiles. We have even had requests for industrial mezzanines for multilevel garages.

Grande spazio, ancora da arredare, per questo soppalco

Big space, still to be furnished, with this mezzanine

What other uses have you experimented for industrial mezzanines?

Mezzanines are frequently requested for the creation of offices in the warehouses of companies. If the offices are positioned on the superior level or on the lower level is completely indifferent: a company in the Vicenza area that sells dietary supplements for athletic companies chose to position the warehouse on top and the offices below. Mezzanines can be divided by plasterboard walls or by movable walls.

We have produced mezzanines for public locales, such was the case for a disco bar: the dj is underneath with all of his equipment and the upper level is for tables and a space for dancing.

What is the average carrying capacity of a mezzanine?

Very high carrying capacities are possible. This week we are producing a mezzanine that will be for the deposit of boats. We have mezzanines that go from an average carrying capacity of 200 kg per square meter up to 1500 kg per square meter. It is obvious that, before anything, we must take into account the effective capacity of the pavement that will be the base of the supporting pillars of the mezzanine.

Soppalco su misura con varie scansie

Custom-made mezzanine with various shelves

What is the minimum height of a locale to be able to consider installing an industrial mezzanine?

We also refer to the measurement of 2 meters and 20 centimeters under the beam to respect the laws. For the rest, there are no other height restrictions. We can say, therefore, that any locale that is at least four meters high can be used for the installation of a mezzanine.

Al piano inferiore di questo soppalco stoffe stoccate su appositi scaffali

On the lower level of this mezzanine fabric is stored on apposite shelves

If I install a mezzanine to have to inform the Municipality?

Yes. The rules foresee that the realization of a mezzanine is tied to a declaration to the Municipality. Generally, Municipalities are favorable to interventions such as mezzanines, because they have the value of enhancing already existing buildings without the need for expansions without using new area.

What other advantages are there in choosing to install an industrial mezzanine?

Since mezzanines are modular, they can be disassembled, reassembled, enlarged and moved to new spaces. There is even a market for second-hand mezzanines even if, since the mezzanines are solid structures, they have a long life and can be reused in different ways. The offer is minimal compared to other types of metal industrial racking. An advantage for those who choose to buy an industrial mezzanine: if, in the future, they decide to sell it, it is very easy to find a buyer in a very short time.

How to choose the best industrial mezzanine for your activity?

It is always advised to ask an expert’s opinion. He will be able to indicate the best solutions. It is possible to ask Emaf for a free survey: a technician will verify the measurements and the feasibility and will then produce, always free of charge, a planning offer that defines the most efficient way to use the space.