A Pallet Racking and a light-weight racking for a fashion company

Marco Cazzininstallations

A new double installation for Emaf Scaffalature Industriali. In the municipality of Busto Garolfo, in the heart of the industrial area of the hinterland of Milan, the installion of a Giotto Pallet Racking and an installation of light-weight industrial Donatello racking was completed at Hermes’s new productive site.  Hermes is a well-known French company in the field of clothing and fashion.

The Giotto model Pallet racking is 4000 mm high, with standard beams of 2700mm and a carrying capacity of 2000 kilograms per level. In another area of the warehouse, and installation of Donatello brand light-weight racking, 2000 mm high, from 500 to 800 mm deep was installed.  It will be for the storage of leather and cloth samples.